We are nonode. We are a digital/media/tech team. We are digital rebels. Follow us on Twitter or our Log.


Twitter: PavelNecas
Email: dudes(at)nonode.se
Level: 20 years
Origin: Prague, Czech
Strength: 3D/Tech


Twitter: Heestand
Email: dudes(at)nonode.se
Level: 20 years
Origin: Sweden/U.S.A.
Strength: VFX/Code

Kinect Tracking

Motion tracking for our upcoming project, with MS Kinect.

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Kinect Interaction

Kinect test, making real-life interaction with random 3D object.

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Projection Mapping

24 hour projection mapping project with friends from Hyper Island

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Face Tracking

Home made face tracking, using After Effects and C4D.

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@Heestand and @PavelNecas is delivering the sickest project ever at Hyper. Jaw motherfucking dropped. Start a blog. NOW.

Mikael Westman

@Heestand @PavelNecas You guys are sick! Love it!

Kimmy Bolke

Hackin' with @Heestand and @PavelNecas

Elias Liedholm

I would have begged to be in this creative team! And guess what! Is available for internships http://nonode.se @Heestand @pavelnecas

Eduardo Fitch

My favorite dudes in my Hyper Island class just made their website: http://nonode.se/ LOVE IT! @PavelNecas @Heestand

Hanna Edghill